Friday, August 20, 2010

The Parting by Michael Drayton?

I understand that it's about a breakup, but could someone kind of, put what he's saying into how we would say it now for a better understanding of it?

Since there's not help, come let us kiss and part;

Nay, I am done, you get no more of me;

And I am glad, yea, glad with all my heart,

That thus so cleanly I myself can free;

Shake hands for ever, cancel all our vows,

And when we meet at any time again,

Be it not seen in either of our brows

That we, one jot of former love retain.

Now, at the last gasp of love's latest breath,

When his pulse failing, passion speechless lies,

When faith is kneeling by his bed of death,

And innocence is closing up his eyes,

Now, if thou woulds't, when all have given him over,

From death to life Thou might'st him yet recover.The Parting by Michael Drayton?
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  • Just found out my ex has a new girlfriend?

    and i feel really has been off now for almost 9 months and even though i have seen him with other girls ages ago this has been the first time i have heard it and knew he has moved on.So have i but i still get this feeling at the bottom of my stomach,its not jealousy but its just odd to know that the man i once loved is now gone for real.we dont talk anymore and we had a messy breakup,but can someone offer advice on how to deal with this??i dont feel like crying but i want to know how to get rid of this feeling i have since i found out.Just found out my ex has a new girlfriend?
    it sucks to realize that you've officially been replaces. i've been there. about 6 months after i broke up with my ex, i heard that he was seeing a girl we both knew actually, and i felt the same way. i couldn't put my finger on why it bothered me because i didn't really want him - but then i realized it just hurts to be replaced, especially the first time it happens (although it never really gets ';easy'; to deal with). just take some deep breaths whenever the thought of it upsets you, and remind yourself of why you aren't with him and how sweet it will be when you find your new guy. chances are, it will make him feel kind of shitty to hear he's been replaced even if he has a new girl. when my ex heard i was dating some new (after he'd been with the new girl for about 6 months) i heard he asked tons of questions - not that any of my friends answered. (i love them!) hope this helps a little =)Just found out my ex has a new girlfriend?
    just think that he had someone else now, and that you have to moved on, and let those feeling go, and find you someone else also.
    Don't sweat it. Go out there and meet other guys, chill out with your friends, and live life:)
    I am not sure I understand your feelings. You aren't being fair at all. You say you have moved on............if you have moved on, why shouldn't he? And if you are broke up he should be looking for others. It sounds to me like you are too young to handle the emotional upset that a relationship brings. This is why young people should wait.

    First break up.. help !?

    okay so i dont know if i have a weird breakup or if someone has had something like this before..

    so first of all we broke up 2 nights ago

    k so it was a mutual break-up because we fought over every little thing possible most of the time and we were so easily angry with eachother, and lately it seemed like i wasn't his priority like i used to be and he even knew he was treating me differently.

    so as it goes 2 nights ago i said ';we have to break up i cant go through this for too much longer'; and he said ';as much as i dont want too, youre right';

    so we broke up but then continued to text the next morning saying it's weird how were broken up and stuff

    then we didnt talk all at school but i get home and he texts me saying how was my day? and all that

    we know we cant get back together cus it'll just be the same..

    but has anyone still talked to their ex right after they broke up ? and what happened? did that make it harder for you to be friends, or better?First break up.. help !?
    its bad to txt after a break up, cuz it makes it harder to move on

    Why am I so angry with my Ex if I left?

    ok so after 3+ years I decided to leave my Ex, after multiple lies and fights and unsettled arguments I decided it was no longer a healthy relationship. She did not support my goals nor did she have any of her own. My Question is, now its been about 3 weeks, she has contacted me a few times telling me she misses me and would rather fight and stay together than be alone(which i perceived as a pretty selfish statement because she was only concerned about how she was feeling) but anyways she went on to tell me how she cant picture her life without me and how she misses me. Yet to her friends and in her myspace(which i should have never looked at) She claims to love the single life and living alone and just projects this complete opposite person that i have no clue about, its like a totally different person I never knew. She totally contradicts everything she said to me. now I know I do not want to be back with her, But why do I find myself angry at the fact that she is portraying herself just the opposite of what she tells me. Ive ignored her and never responded. But is being angry about this a normal phase in the breakup? why would someone do that? Why does it bother me? I don't know maybe someone else has some insight or has experienced this themselves. Any help is appreciated.Why am I so angry with my Ex if I left?
    Remember - it is better to have loved and lost than to end up married to the b*tch.Why am I so angry with my Ex if I left?
    Your angry because of the person she is. You could have had a successful marriage if she had a better character but she doesn't so you have every right to be angry. You were once a vital part of this persons life and she has betrayed you by lying. I'd be angry too it doesn't mean you want to be with her.
    she sounds devasted and lost. if she didnt even have any goals of her own im guessing you summed up most of her life. nobody wants to be the one left behind. she's pretending to be happy to save face, she got burned. look at her with some empathy, it should ease some of your anger. she's the one who got told - ';i dont want you anymore';

    Yes its normal. Its like any trauma. you go through stages. anger, acceptance, sadness, forgiveness.

    My motto always has been to tell people around me i dont want to hear about it. i dont want to see the person. let me heal. Thats the best way to get through it the quickest.
    Your angry because she forced you to make a decision you didn't want to ever have to make. Don't believe anything you see or read on myspace. That was designed for liars and teenyboppers
    She probably wants people to think shes happy. Maybe she's embarrassed that she misses you. Dont automatically think shes just lying to you
    She was a disappointment to you, that's why your so mad. Get over it and move on.
    you lost me at 'myspace'.

    People are selfish, especially immature people. Its obvious that she has a LOT of growing up left to do, and is afraid to face the fact that she dose. Its ok to be angry, to be hurt and frustrated by what she did. There isn't much closer to what happened, from what you said, and maintaining a open line of communication can make things harder (from my experience) but there is nothing wrong with that. Its very honorable of you to talk to her. I'd say to just give you some time, its only been three weeks and it sounds like you gave up a lot of yourself into the relationship, you are going to be angry and hurt it will take time to heal. How much time? Who knows. Maybe tell her you need time for yourself, and that she shouldn't call you for awhile. Then just concentrate on you, and your life. Enjoy the small things, take a walk outside, and heal. Its the best medication.
    You may still care, to a certain extent.......OR you're angry with yourself for allowing her to push your buttons. I would be inclined to believe the latter. Ego wounds are as fatal as bodily woulds. She's basically lying, since she's portraying two complete opposite outlooks. You've made the absolute best decision by leaving her in the past with no continued contact. FORTUNATELY, there's no child to keep you ';attached'; to her. Best Wishes......
    My ex was the same, telling me they loved me and wanted me back yet saying all these horrible things about me to their friends and that they were glad to be shot of me blah blah blah. I did get angry but then I realised they had to lie to try and validate themselves, they were either lying to me by saying loved me etc because if I came back it would validate them or they were lying to their friends saying horrible things to make their friends back them up and validate them.

    Either way don't be mad just see your ex for the pathetic individual that she is.
    Okay so I think you maybe feeling angry with her because you spend three years of your life with her, and you wouldn't expect someone like that to lie to you like this. I think it maybe a bit normal but at the same time it also maybe best that you forget about her, and let her play this double roll. Because if she is willing to take the time to tell you all this crap, and then go behind your back, and tell her friend all the other crap, I honestly don't think anyone who does this is worth anyone's time.

    Hope this helps, good luck.

    10pts for a good answer, ex questions..?

    she dumped me over text, said she met someone...... i ask to talk ,she says na im ok thanks....this was 5 weeks ago, and i havent tried to contact her and she hasnt either...

    we had JUST got back together, and she was saying how we are meant to be, and that she is so incredibly happy and how she wants to make love to me and be with me, how she cant wait to come home and stay with me, (she is in cali, im in ohio) she is coming home beginning of march

    so i tell her ill fly out to see her, and stay with her, drive back with her ( i have a month off, so i am able to do this) the day after we get back together, i buy a ticket to fly out... but then find out there is an issue with my tax refund, so i tell her i cant come, even tho i already told her id be there that night....

    she doesnt act mad, but attitude kind of changes, like she closes up ....then the text breakup about meeting someone....

    she was so prepared to be with me, cause had i came out, we were going to stay together for the rest of the time in cali, and then come back to ohio and stay together....

    why did she do this? anger? disappointment? cold feet?

    we were together for over a year, long distance for 8 months.. and it was finally ending...another note... she seems to have been developing deep self esteem issues, that may be manifesting itself as an eating disorder, if that helps at all10pts for a good answer, ex questions..?
    I agree with Tila. Long distance relationships tend not to work, especially if you're continuing a relationship that wasn't long distance in the first place. It takes a lot of dedication, and more often than not, only one of the people has it. This happens. It seems like she was already with someone new and she was going to tell you when you came out. But she just went on and told you because you weren't coming.10pts for a good answer, ex questions..?
    I think that she may be having a hard time with the long distanc relationship. IF she does really love you, maybe you not being able to fly over that night disappointed her maybe she is a litle upset about it.

    IF she feels less connected to you and did meet someone else, maybe the long distance thing isn't working.

    Ask her if you two can talk about this as adults.
    she probably did find someone else...probably didn't work out and now she's back. Dont fall for it.

    Confused and hurt regarding my ex Girlfriend... Help?

    ok its a long story but here it goes.

    My ex and i dated for about 6 months. Things were going really strong up until about a week before our breakup. She said the spark between us was no longer there and she dumped me in early november. We agreed to be friends. About a week after our breakup i met someone else. a long time friend of mine started flirting and hitting on me. Well my ex got to like that and told me she still liked me and that she was jealous. Well my feelings basically poured out of my mouth. I still liked her and after telling her how i felt she thought it was sweet but she said she wanted to wait. So we did She began talking to me and flirting a lot after this Then she started flirting around with this other guy which hurt me a lot. so i went off on a date with a new girl (by this time the old new girl is out of the picture with her own bf, still good friends with me though) and it didnt go great so i thought nothing of it and moved on past that. Well along comes my ex again and she wanted to hang out. She liked the new guy she was talking but things didnt go so well and they never got together. So now shes back talking to me and saying how much she likes me. I eagerly say that i liked her back and then as soon as i said that she stopped the flirting. Then after a month or so she suddenly came back outta knowhere flirting with me again. I told her she was worth more than anything to me. She said awww thanks babe but she also said she wasnt ready for relationship right now. So about four days later she starts flirtin it up with another new guy. I really felt like she was leading me on that entire time and never wanted me back but at other times i think it was real because her friends said she talked about me a lot at times. Idk wat to think, wat to do,, or what to feel. I love this girl and shes the only person i really want in my life right now and i havent gone a day without thinking about her since the day we met. It hurts so much to see her flirting with other guys but i want her to be happy. We still talk to eachother as friends but i wanna be so muuch more. i want things back to the way they were.

    advice please?Confused and hurt regarding my ex Girlfriend... Help?
    You don't have much to lose by telling her that she is hurting you. I would tell her how you really feel about the whole situation, and see what she says. If she wants you back..for real, then take her back. But if she still says that she is not ready for a relationship, then I think you need to try to cut ties with her. She is causing you too much pain, and it is not good. You need a girl in your life that will make you happy all of the time. I really hope things work out for you. God Bless :)Confused and hurt regarding my ex Girlfriend... Help?
    i had this exact same problem. bad news is, it took me almost a year to figure out he was leading me on. good news, when i did finally figure it out, i had the upper hand, %26amp; he COULDN'T stand it. but for me, it felt SO good lol because finally HE knew what it felt like to be treated like that.

    %26amp; you're exactly right, she's just leading you on. but it's up to YOU to realize that you deserve better, that you don't need to put up with that anymore. yeah, trying to move on IS going to hurt - it's been almost six months since i realized i deserved better %26amp; decided to move on %26amp; it STILL hurts me to this day. BUT, i STILL have that upper hand, he STILL can't stand it, %26amp; it STILL feels so good LOL.

    %26amp; wonce you realized you deserve better %26amp; you make the effort to move on, something better WILL come - it did for me :)

    hope i helped! :)

    I am heartbroken?

    I am so heartbroken. I went out with a guy I met on Craig's List for a year. I fell totally in love with him. He acted totally in love with me too, but said he didn't love me at all. We had so much fun together, and every minute seemed perfect to me. I guess not to him. We finally broke up, in this awful, ugly, breakup. How does someone stay with you for a year, and not have feelings for you, yet act like they totally do?

    Now, he is advertising in all the nearby cities for someone on craig's list. Our final breakup was two weeks ago. He even advertised in my town, asking for a relationship, exactly like ours.

    The last round we had, I wrote him, told him I really missed him. He wrote back, and said he sat in our favorite resturant waiting for me to show up. He came over, and spent 24 blissful hours with me. Then he said he had no intention of being in a relationship with me.

    The crazy thing is that we are both 55. Not exactly babies.

    I can't stop thinking about him.I am heartbroken?
    I'm sorry but I think he's not worth it. Just the fact that he's tricking you into thinking that he likes you and then throwing it out the door is proof enough. Besides, guys are sooo confusing and have the disgusting habit of playing with girls' emotions and twisting their minds, when they don't even know it cause they can be soo stuuuupidd. I know you can't stop thinking about him, but please try. You'll drive yourself crazy. BUT if he comes back to you seeming pretty sincere about you and wanting to be together, don't believe him. Everytime you think of him pinch yourself and start doing something to distract you. That's what I do if it happened to me. Stay strong.I am heartbroken?
    He is a playah.
    You don't need a man to fulfill your life. You can be alone without being lonely. I understand heartbreak, but if he was married for 22 years and never felt love, it's likely that he has mental issues that you aren't going to be able to fix.

    Get some hobbies, some good friends. Volunteer somewhere. When I get older I plan to use my free time volunteering at an animal shelter, making a difference.

    Just stay away from him, or you'll be setting yourself up for another heartbreak.

    Good luck.
    Wow, I dont even know what to say i feel so bad for you! The guy sounds like a sociopath who is only capable of loving himself and is indifferent to everyone else. My dad is the same way. I know you didnt ask for advice but I would say to get over this weirdo ASAP and move on, and learn how to be happy with yourself again.
    It sounds like you just want to be in a relationship for the fear of being alone. I know that must be hard for you but you need to get your confidence back. You shouldn't give and give and give because men you attact that way are men who are not good people. They are the men that just use woman to get a roof over their head or free goodies. You should sign up for or so you can get your likely matches. is more like booty call things. On those other dating websites you meet people that have the same interests as you and you might meet more people that way. It sucks to get your heart broken. I am sorry for that but please just get some confidence and don't settle for 2nd best. You deserve better and someone to love you. Being alone is a scary thing to do, but sometimes it is better than being unhappy or getting used.